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Business Analyst Training

This online course is for anyone interested in becoming a Business Analyst or anyone interested in this field, individuals who want to make a career change or anyone with a Business Analysis background who want a more formal and industry-standard business analysis approach.​

The students will have a strong understanding of the role of a business analyst, structure of a project team, system development life cycle methodologies (SDLC), the importance of requirements gathering, different types of requirements, JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions , role of a Business Analyst in JAD session, and how to conduct JAD sessions. This training covers all in-depth elements and phases of business analysis. This course will go thru basics and will help you build a strong foundation in Business Analysis.

Quality Assurance Software Testing 

The primary goal of this course is to help existing or future QA analysts, testers and leads to build a solid foundation in Quality Assurance and Testing in order to excel in their job or be able to successfully pass the interview and secure the QA Quality Assurance analyst job. The structure of this course is very simple yet comprehensive and powerful and covers all the knowledge necessary and topics for Testing and Quality Assurance.​

This course covers the following topics: Software Development Lifecycle; Testing methodologies, testing methods, types of software testing,

Manual versus automated testing as well as testing tools such as HP Quality Center. This course includes also real interview questions and answers in order to ace your interview and excel in your job.

At the end of this course you will have a strong understanding of what Quality Assurance and Software Testing. 

Build your career and learn from the best

Best way to prepare for the interview is to be familiar with the questions you might be asked and create a cheat sheet to create some context. Know your resume, all your jobs/projects and the responsibilities and contribution for each project. 

Our course is a compilation, a guide comprising all the information you need in order to ace your interview and get the job. 

Business Analyst Resume & Phone Interview Included 

Our QA Quality Assurance & Software Testing Interview Preparation Masterclass includes also more than 250 real interview questions and answers in order to ace your interview and excel in your job.

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Business Analyst & QA Software Testing Online Training

Business Analyst & QA Software Testing Online Training